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Is it true, do I finally have my US visa?  After months of painful paperwork, many moments of despair, it has actually happened. I would’ve taken a picture of the gorgeous piece of paperwork, but I think that may be illegal somehow, or a huge security breach or something.  To celebrate, here is a little something I wrote while I was in NC on holiday and planning with my feller to move there one day. Now that day is getting closer and closer.


So we will have a child and finally give it this earth in its veins.

The craft and the small traumas that come of being young.

To think the world was more if we could only see.

The woods menacing and mountains full of monsters that die too soon.

Heady squeals that evaporate and we become…

That child will tramp and smell magnolias.

It will understand what grits are

And will open its mount wide for ’I’.

Pledge allegiance,

Drink milk.

Be south born of north,

Pretend exotic.

Carry the whispers of the dead.

Will say ‘My Asheville.’

The child will not question where it is nor why the alphabet.

It will be a foreigner to me and you.

As is right.

What can it teach us of our adopted place?

What will it learn about home that I did not?

A golden souvenir in the sun of the antebellum that never was.


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