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Photograph of the Sound and the Fury, Signifying Nothing

I’ve been to quite few countries, and one thing that seems to be the same throughout, is that people with apparent mental health issues are invisible in public.  This man was on the side of the road when my husband and I were traveling in Zambia.  He was clearly ill and much poorer than everyone else and people walked past him as if he wasn’t there.  While growing up my dad had a picture on the wall of his study called something like ‘The Fool’ or ‘The Idiot’. My mum hated it; it was pretty disturbing because it was clearly a depiction of someone with mental illness.  As I watched this man raise his hand to his head he looked exactly like that picture. The purpose or creating this red and green landscape was to highlight his isolation.  The original picture was like this, and to be honest I find it hard to look at.  It seems voyeuristic. The editing of the picture made it into something else and he is seen to be in another world.


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